Limitless encrypted connectivity

Connect over Internet

Mobile data (Edge/3G/4G), WiFi

Connect without Internet

Dormi can be used in places with no Internet connectivity at all. That's right! As long as the devices can see each other using other connection type, i.e. WiFi Direct or WiFi Hotspot.
This can be useful in remote locations or to prevent roaming charges while abroad.

Seamlessly reconnects

In case of a network change or temporary network outage, dormi connection is automatically reestablished.

Multiple parent devices

Don't you just love how sometimes your baby "talks" before falling asleep? But you are travelling and far away from your new family member? Now you can listen in! With Dormi, multiple parent devices can connect to a single child device simultaneously.

Secure data transfer

All data exchanged between devices is encrypted using tried and tested encryption algorithms and schemes, preventing unpleasant surprises (e.g. intentional or unintentional eavesdropping) all too common on regular IP, or radio based dedicated HW monitors. Consult the security section of our FAQ for technical details.

Intelligent audio

Smart noise detection

Child device can be several meters away from the child, or right next to it. Yet, you do not need to fiddle with microphone sensitivity. Everything is auto-adjusted for best noise detection.

Adaptive audio enhancement

Awesome audio quality using high-quality standards-based audio codec, minimizing data transfer.

Push to Talk

To calm your baby while you are on the way, simply press and hold the Talk button and start talking.

Push to Listen/View

Listen to your child at any time during monitoring. Dormi automatically adjusts audio to make even very quiet noises audible.


Hardware accelerated

It took a lot of effort, but video recording, encoding, decoding and playback in Dormi is hardware accelerated on all Android versions. This means minimal CPU and battery usage to process video.

Low latency

Each Android version introduced major video API improvements. To deliver video from child device to parent device as fast as possible, Dormi takes advantage of these Android version specific APIs. The newer your device, the more Dormi uses - and the lower the latency.

Night vision

Extract as much information from your camera's image sensor as possible in low light conditions, using our advanced OpenGL video encoder. Processing image data in real time on the GPU enables Dormi to run adaptive dynamic histogram equalization on each frame, before passing camera data along for image compression and transmission.

Clever notifications

Calls and Texts

To compensate not having direct access to the phone used as the child device, you can get notified about missed calls and text messages on the parent device.
*This feature requires additional permissions. For convenience, it is packaged as a separately downloadable plugin.

Battery status

Stay informed about child device battery status on parent device

Connectivity alerts

Dormi brings to your attention when the connection to the child device is lost and could not be reinstated in a reasonable time.

Data usage

Dormi uses very little data to manage connections between devices. However, when on limited mobile data plan or paying extra for roaming, streaming audio and video can be of concern. For this purpose the bottom drawer contains data traffic information of currently ongoing monitoring.

Room temperature

We go the extra mile - if the child device is equipped with ambient temperature sensor (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4), room temperature is also reported.

..and more

Low battery usage

Dormi was designed with battery usage in mind: 1 hour of monitoring consumes approximately 10% of battery. This makes Dormi ideal for day to day use as well as unexpected situations where monitoring your baby's sleep is required.

Old device support

Runs on Android 2.3+, which gives an older device you may have somewhere in a drawer a second chance - as a permanent Dormi child device.