What is Dormi?

Dormi is a baby monitor application for Android devices. A true replacement for hardware baby monitors. It needs two Android devices* to function: a child device and a parent device. These devices connect using any available connection - WiFi or mobile data network, even ad-hoc setups like WiFi Direct or HotSpot.
*Dormi can also run in Chrome using Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC). For now distribution is limited to Chrome OS, but should soon be available for Chrome on all platforms.

How is Dormi different then hardware baby monitors?

Well, it is smarter. It works on larger distances. It is handier - you have it with you all the time. It is cheaper. And it is upgradable: every new feature we will add - you will get.

Where can I get Dormi?

You can download Dormi on Google Play or Chrome Web Store.


Is Dormi free?

You can use Dormi 4 hours EVERY month for free. We believe it is perfect for occasional use, and to discover its functionality. Additional free usage can be earned through referral credits, which can be exchanged for extra hours - or a significant discount (up to 60%!).

Free monthly usageNo commitment, 4 hours every month for free (reset every month from date of installation)$0
Monthly unlimited usageMonthly subscription - when you run out of free allowance, but do not want to make a larger commitment$2
Annual unlimited usageAnnual subscription$10
Lifetime unlimited usageSingle payment, no further commitment$17

How does free monthly usage allowance work?

When you install Dormi you receive 4 hours of monitoring time for free. This will be topped up to 4 hours repeatedly each month (from date of installation).

I have to purchase unlimited usage on all devices, right?

No! There are some limitations, but our intention is to have to make only one purchase to get unlimited usage.

Here is how it works:

  • Unlimited usage is associated with your Google Play account, not the device
    All of the devices where Dormi is installed using the same account receive unlimited usage status. If you install Dormi using this single account on all your devices, you don't need to read further.
  • Free allowance accounting
    If a device with unlimited usage connects (not just pairs) with other devices into a 'monitoring session', it will pause free allowance accounting on all other participating devices. Therefore, if you only have two android devices that you plan to use Dormi on, making a purchase on one is sufficient. The second device (even with a different Google Play account) will not use up its free allowance.
  • Pairing does not transfer unlimited status
    Pairing a device with unlimited usage with another device(s) does not transfer the unlimited usage onto the other device(s) simply because they belong to the same group. However, monitoring while the paid device is participating does pause free allowance accounting on all other participating device(s).
  • Three or more devices
    If you have more than two devices that might be used with Dormi, consider sharing a Google Play account among them, or make the purchase on the one that will be used in Child mode most often.

Does my purchase carry over to another device?

Yes, as long as you install Dormi on this other device while being signed in to Play Store with the same Google Play account as you had at the time of your earlier purchase.

(!) Note however, that if you had Dormi already installed on both devices (with the same account), then purchased on one of them, it may take hours before Google Play Store Services propagates your purchase information between your devices. If it does not refresh automatically even after a longer period, re-install the app on the affected device.

How do I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel a subscription at any time. You will be able to continue to use the unlimited usage until the end of the period for which you have already paid.

Google Play is used to manage Dormi subscriptions and so it can be cancelled there, too. Opening this link on your device should take you to the Play Store screen where the subscription can be cancelled.


How secure is Dormi?

All communication (control, audio and video) is encrypted since version 3.0. Session encryption keys are derived from a master key exchanged during the pairing process, unique to each group of paired devices. No other device can decrypt transmitted data.

What encryption algorithms are used?

RSA with 4096 bit* keys is used for the pairing process, during which a secret symmetric master group key is exchanged. The RSA key pair is newly generated by the device after each pairing.

*It takes a few seconds for the RSA key pair to be generated. If the pairing process is started immediately after app installation, before key generation is completed, a 2048 bit key is used instead.

Chacha20 with 256 bit key along with Poly1305 for message authentication is used to secure control channel messages (now standardized as RFC7539). Audio and video data adheres to RFC3711 (Secure-RTP), but we have replaced "AES in Counter Mode" with Chacha20 and Poly1305 as well. These are preferred algorithms used by Google in Chrome on Android for its security and performance on mobile devices.

The master group secret key is salted anew every time a monitoring session is started, resulting in an ever-changing symmetric session key.

What's an "anti-tamper code"?

This code aims to prevent the so called "man in the middle" attack during the pairing process. Accept pairing requests only after validating the code is the same on both devices (the one requesting to join a group as well as the one receiving the request). It ensures the group encryption key is not accidently shared with a malicious party or an attacker.

In more technical terms: the anti-tamper code provides the functionality of the certification authority (CA) in the pairing process (PKI scheme), verifying the communicating parties' public keys.

Enforcing encryption & older versions of Dormi

To ensure compatibility with older versions of Dormi is maintained, encryption is optional. Enable the "Require encryption" option in child device settings to prevent old versions of Dormi from taking part in monitoring as parent devices. In the future this option will be removed; encryption will be enforced, rendering old versions of Dormi unsupported.

How can I ensure my connection is secure?

If you have accidentally accepted a pairing request from a potentially malicious party, you can simply generate a new master group key by unpairing the child and parent devices and start afresh. This option is available in the "Device pairing" screen menu as "Unpair".

Warning: Requesting device does not support encryption

This warning is shown when pairing with a device running an older version of Dormi. If the pairing request is accepted, the master group key will be exchanged unencrypted. Nothing to worry about, if you trust the network you are using.

Can the NSA spy on me using Dormi?

We hope not. The technical capabilities of the NSA are not publicly known, but we believe it is easier for the NSA to hack your Android device remotely than to break Dormi encryption.


How can I get referral points?

By sharing our application

Go to menu > "Rewards & Billing" > "Rewards" tab and choose "Earn more credit" to share a link with your unique referral code. If another user downloads the app using this link, you'll be awarded one referral credit.

By installing Dormi using other's referral link

If you install Dormi using other's referral link, you'll be awarded eight referral credits.

I shared the app but didn't get any credits. Why not?

Sharing the link is the first step. You will be awarded credits when someone installs Dormi using that link.


How can I contact you?

Email us at